A purely Japanese-style building facing a lake that changes in seven colors

Founded in 1896. The sacred mountain Hakusan, said to be one of Japan’s three great mountains , can be seen across Shibayamagata, a lake that changes colors from morning to evening . He has slowly relaxed the hearts of visitors with the vivid colors of the four seasons on the pale water surface . Please enjoy a relaxing time with our hospitality that preserves the past while valuing a comfortable stay for modern guests . There are three types of rooms available at the lakeside inn: Kanun, Shisuikan, and Main Building .

Have the spectacular view all to yourself


Japanese modern guest room


Naturally flowing from the source

【Room with hot spring rock bath】

Japanese modern special room


A room with a spectacular view of the lake and Ukimido.
A peaceful space with a bedroom.
Please relax in an elegant chair and relax.

When you open the shoji, you can see Shibayamagata, which spreads out below you.
The Hakusan Mountain Range bathing in the morning sun on the right, the sunset over the Sea of ​​Japan on the left,
Enjoy the ever-changing lakeside scenery all to yourself
Room with bath and washlet.

◎Amenity: Hanten, towel, bath towel, toothbrush, hand soap, slippers, face wash, lotion, milky lotion, etc.
(Available at the front desk: shampoo conditioner, body soap, cotton, cotton swabs, hairbrush, razor, shower cap)

◎Please choose your yukata at the front desk when checking in.

◎When using the public bath, please bring your own towels and bath towels. The private bath is equipped with towels and bath towels.

◎Equipment: Glasses, bottle opener, tea set, pot, tissue paper, TV, safe, slippers, shoe horn

◎No refrigerator contents (please feel free to use)