A relaxing lakeside inn where you will feel nostalgic as if you were there a long time ago.

A soft and comfortable space that envelops guests who have arrived safely .

The neat and
clean wildflowers, which are casually decorated without any extravagance, are the very “hospitality”
of a lakeside inn that the landlady envisions.

The thoughts of the proprietress resonate
in each and every gesture of the gentle staff .

Forget about the hectic pace of everyday life and
free your mind and body in this nostalgic interior .

Restaurant “Hanahana”

Spectacular views of Shibayamagata and creative Japanese cuisine that utilizes ingredients from the mountains and seas of Hokuriku.

“Hanahana” is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy meals at the same time.

Lobby & cafe

When you enter the lobby, you will find a cafe corner where you can hear JAZZ music selected by the landlady.

You can see the lakeside through the courtyard, and the Shibayamagata Fountain will rise right in front of you.

Free lounge

We offer monthly coffee, cold Kaga stick tea, juices, etc.

After bathing, bar time after dinner, or in the morning.

A free space where you can relax.


DAY 15:00~18:00

BAR 20:00-22:00 *Alcohol is also available

MORNING 8:00~10:00


The inn’s shop is stocked with carefully selected items that are far from ordinary.

Please bring back some memories from your trip.

banquet hall

Our banquet halls are large, medium and small.

We can accommodate a variety of uses.


The karaoke room can accommodate up to 15 people.

*Usage fee: 1 hour ¥1,000/person (15:00~23:00)

conference room

Conference halls are also available.

Equipment: Microphone, wireless microphone, lectern, whiteboard, OHP, projector,

Screen (145cm x H150cm/183cm x H107cm) *Reservation required

Information on relaxation

For our hotel’s relaxation services,
you can choose your favorite course from our two carefully selected salons.
The treatment will be performed in your room.


*It is difficult to make reservations for each salon’s menu on the day of the event, and we
apologize for the inconvenience for customers who make reservations after checking in.
We recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible.

*Reservation times for each salon may vary depending on how busy the salon is on the day.

*Reservations can be made after check-in at the front desk, number 7.