About reservations, fees, and cancellations

We have been accepting requests for about half a year.

If you are applying through a travel agency, please contact the travel agency.

Adult prices apply to junior high school students and above.

For elementary school students, meals that are similar to those for adults will be charged 70% of the adult price (this may vary depending on the travel agency/site, etc.)

For children under elementary school age, meals for children are 50% of the adult price (may vary depending on the travel agency/site, etc.)

If your child is an infant and does not require a futon for meals, an admission fee of 2,000 yen (excluding tax) will be required for children over 1 year old.

Please check the brochure, etc. as it varies depending on the accommodation application method.

(If you make a reservation directly with the hotel by phone, etc., you will be charged 30% of the accommodation fee 3 days before your stay, 50% the day before, and 100% on the day of your stay.)

About in-house facilities

Although it is not completely barrier-free, we do have a ramp and two wheelchairs available for rental.

We have one room. The fee is 1,000 yen (tax included) per person per hour, and the maximum capacity is 15 people.

Alcohol, juice, ice cream, cigarettes, etc. are available next to the store.

There are two machines installed next to the store.

Capacity: Kutani no Yu (4 people), Kono Yu (2 people)

Business hours 15:00~0:30

Price: 45 minutes 3,300 yen

*Reservations can be made at the front desk.
*Please bring your own bath towels and towels from your room.
*Guests who book online can use them free of charge.


◆ 15:00-15:45
◆ 16:15-17:00
◆ 17:30-18:15
◆ 18:45-19:30
◆ 20:00-20:45
◆ 21:15-22:00
◆ 22 :30-23:15

There is a karaoke room.

About the public bath

There are handrails in the women’s and men’s large baths, but there are 6 steps near the men’s entrance.

Please be sure to have someone accompany you when entering.

We are currently closed. (As of July 10, 2020)

Available from 14:00 to 9:30 the next morning.

  We will set aside cleaning hours to strengthen disinfection and disinfection. Cleaning hours 19:00-20:00/24:00-5:00

  Please bring bath towels and towels from your room.

  The shampoo buffet is popular. Please feel free to use it.

We apologize, but we do not have a sauna.

A free key box is installed in the changing room.

About the room and amenities

All rooms are non-smoking. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.

Towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, yukatas, slippers, tea, hot water pots, and hair dryers are provided in each room.

All rooms are equipped with washlets.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.

There are no barrier-free Japanese-Western rooms. The Kanun-mune Japanese modern room has twin beds installed between the rooms. It is also possible to rent a cot. (Limited number)

Refrigerators are empty in all rooms, so you can bring them into your room.

About meals

Our hotel does not have a buffet for both dinner and breakfast.

It will be a seasonal kaiseki meal.

Basically, your meal will be prepared at the restaurant “Hanahana” with chairs and tables, a private room, or a separate room, and the person in charge on the day will guide you.

For groups or parties, we can prepare a banquet hall by making advance reservations.

(The banquet hall will no longer have a low table format and will instead have a high chair format.)

Dinner starts from 18:00, 18:30, and 19:00 and ends at 21:00.

You can choose breakfast from  7:30~, 8:00~, or 8:30~.

If you have any allergies, please let us know at the time of reservation, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We may not be able to accommodate last-minute reservations.

Please check this out for details

The ramen corner inside the hotel is currently closed, but there is a sister restaurant, Bar Botan, located 1 minute walk from the hotel.

Elementary school students will receive almost the same meals as adults, and infants will receive children’s plate meals.

yes. The board manager will change every day. Enjoy the taste of the mountains and seas of Hokuriku.

About transportation/access

Parking is available outdoors in front of the hotel or on the grounds next to it. There is no charge.

(If you are coming by bike, there is a small roof space available, so please inquire in advance)

Kaga Onsen Station on the JR Hokuriku Main Line, and we will pick you up free of charge if you make a reservation in advance.

Pick-up will be every 30 minutes from 14:50 to 18:20. (Advance reservation)

The next morning, it will be sent every 30 minutes from 8:10 to 10:10.

(25 minutes by limited express train and 50 minutes by local train from Kanazawa Station / 20 minutes by limited express train and 40 minutes by local train from Fukui Station)

Komatsu Airport. There is no transportation.

Please use a taxi or the airport shuttle CANBUS.

(Taxi is about 4,000 yen one way / Kaga tour CANBUS is 500 yen one way. Bus stop is 1 minute walk from the front)

CANBUS 1-day ticket costs 1,000 yen and 2-day ticket costs 1,200 yen, making it convenient as you can ride the CANBUS as many times as you like for sightseeing in Kaga)

About others

Check-in is generally from 15:00, and early check-in is possible depending on the accommodation plan.

Check-out is at 10:00. Late check-out is also available depending on your accommodation plan.

JCB, VISA, MasterCard, MUFJ, Debit, etc. are accepted.

Some companies and plans may require payment in cash. please confirm.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but pets are not allowed in the facility, with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs.

We will introduce you to the nearest pet hotel.

(1 night, 2 meals, walk and transportation included. Prices vary depending on type)

Relaxation beauty treatments for women are available in your room with advance reservations.
(Hot spring massages are no longer available)

We will take care of it for you. When sending the package, please include the date of your stay and the name under which you made the reservation.

The Shisuikan corner room, the Kanun wing, and the lake side guest room with a hot spring rock bath are right in front of your room.

Inside the hotel, you can view it from the large public bath, open-air bath, and lobby.

Family Mart is an 8-minute walk away, and 7-Eleven and Lawson are about a 3-minute drive away.

It is a lake called Shibayamagata.

A 70m-class large fountain rises in the center of the lake (at certain times), and from April to October you can enjoy a tour on a houseboat.