hot spring

A luxurious time
soaking in the hot water while looking out at the lake

While watching fireworks over the lake in the summer,
in the silver world in the winter…

You will never get tired of seeing the changing colors of Katayamazu’s lake surface throughout the four seasons .

Enjoy the view of the Hakusan Mountain Range from Shibayamagata, the fountain on the lake, and
the colors of the lake that change seven times a day to your heart’s content from the open-air bath.

Katayamazu Onsen’s spring quality is a salt-containing earth salt spring with
a temperature of 73 degrees, and it is said that the hot water does not get cold easily and
relieves the sensitivity to cold, which is common among women.

Hot spring

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A large public bath with a spectacular view of the lake that spreads out in front of you, making you want to bathe in it many times in the morning and evening.

(same size for men and women)

*Please bring bath towels and towels from your room when using the public bath.

open-air bath

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While soaking in the hot water, enjoy the changing colors of the lake surface from morning to night and from spring to winter.

[Large bath usage hours]

We will set up cleaning hours to strengthen disinfection and disinfection.

Cleaning time 19:00~20:00/24:00~5:00

Private bath

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The new private bath “Lake no Yu” will open in early March 2022.

“Kutani no Yu” is a chic and calm space based on brown.

You can relax and be healed by the warmth of the hot water in our private bath, which overlooks our proud courtyard and Shibayamagata.
The spacious bathtub with natural hot spring water that even the whole family can comfortably fit in, and the universal design are also attractive.

Please enjoy Katayamazu Onsen’s plentiful amount of hot spring water flowing straight from the source, “Beautiful Skin Hot Spring.”

・Lake no Yu (capacity 2 people)

・Kutani no Yu (capacity 4 people)

Private bath usage time

◆ 15:00~15:45

◆ 16:15~17:00

◆ 17:30~18:15

◆ 18:45~19:30

◆ 20:00~20:45

◆ 21:15~22:00

◆ 22:30~23:15

Price: 45 minutes 3,300 yen (tax included)
*Towels and bath towels are provided for the private bath.
*Reservations can be made at the front desk.

Please contact us for details.

Spring quality, hypertonicity, neutrality, high temperature spring, efficacy

The hot springs at our hotel are 100% natural hot springs (sodium and calcium chloride springs). It is filled with 24-hour continuous flow.

Spring quality

Salt-containing strong salt spring, sodium/calcium chloride spring


Hot springs have a high concentration, have a high osmotic pressure, and have a high rate of ingredients entering the body.


pH value 7.0

high temperature spring

Spring temperature 72.8℃


Neuralgia/sensitivity to cold/cuts/burns/chronic skin disease/gout

shampoo buffet

Shampoo buffet installed in the public bath
(for men, women, and babies)


Please bring bath towels and towels from your room when using the public bath.

Women: Makeup remover, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cotton, cotton swabs, lotion, emulsion, brush, shower cap, hair dryer

Men: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving foam, aftershave lotion, brush, razor, cotton swab, hair dryer, comb