Make your amenities plastic-free

Initiatives towards SDGs

Lakeside Inn Morimoto aims to contribute to society in a sustainable manner that is kind to people and the earth, by confronting increasingly serious environmental issues through business activities, utilizing resources, and creating value that can be shared. Masu. In particular, we view the elimination of plastics as a major issue that must be addressed, and by providing high-quality amenities that are not disposable, we will continue to provide hospitality to our customers that is considerate of the global environment.

Initiatives at Lakeside Inn Morimoto

What's available in your room

Towel/bath towel/toothbrush/hand soap/slippers/face wash/lotion/emulsion

From April 2023, the following amenities will be gradually removed from guest rooms.

Disposable slippers/hairbrush/cotton/cotton swabs/razor/shower cap/mini bottle shampoo set

The following amenities are available at the front desk. Please let us know when you need it.

Shampoo/conditioner/body soap/cotton/cotton swabs/hairbrush/razor/shower cap/tabi

What is available in the public bath

Cotton/cotton swab/cleansing/face wash/lotion/emulsion/shampoo/conditioner/body soap/shampoo bar *Individual pouch-type packaging will be discontinued and replaced with recyclable bottles.