A moment of happiness where the customer and the chef become one

Cherry blossom sea bream and wild vegetables in the spring; conger eel and abalone in the summer;
black-throated fish and mushrooms in the fall; snow crab in the winter… the bounty of the sea, the mountains, and the earth

nurtured by Hokuriku’s unique climate . Morimoto’s hospitality cuisine , which focuses on seasonal ingredients and brings a smile to your face with each plate, allows you to enjoy the best of each season to your heart’s content . He wants his diners to be happy, and in order to do that, he won’t tolerate even the slightest compromise.Head chef Munenori Yamamoto’s cuisine reflects the self-disciplined and well-honed sensibilities of a chef. A special dinner where you can enjoy the delicious food, enjoy the drinks, and enjoy the conversation. Please enjoy the seasonal bamboo shoots.

Lakeside inn Morimoto specialty
“Noto beef/Nodoguro earthen pot rice”

Freshly cooked, piping hot claypot rice served at the end of dinner. “Noto Beef” has an appetizing aroma of meat and burdock, and “Nodoguro” has a sweet aroma with a savory aroma. Please enjoy our famous rice that you can eat with chopsticks even when your stomach is full.

Winter limited (November to March)

Live crab kaiseki

Enjoy the winter king of the Sea of ​​Japan, “snow crab”

Luxurious winter kaiseki

Standard kaiseki

Standard Kaiseki that Lakeside Inn Morimoto confidently recommends

Rank up special kaiseki

Noto beef, Nodoguro, Morimoto’s specialty “earthen pot rice”, etc. Specially selected kaiseki where you can fully enjoy Hokuriku’s gourmet cuisine

Noto Beef Premium Kaiseki

Morimoto is the only place in Kaga where you can enjoy Noto beef Chateaubriand steak! Enjoy the exquisite taste

Noto beef kaiseki

Kaiseki course where you can enjoy rare brand Noto beef with steak

  • Noto beef ceramic plate 3,500yen
  • Noto beef roast beef 2,200yen
  • Noto beef fillet steak (100g) 6,000yen
  • Nodoguro shabu-shabu 3,500yen
  • Salt-grilled Nodoguro 3,700yen
  • Conger conger shabu (spring/summer only) 2,800yen
  • Conger conger sashimi (spring/summer only) 2,200yen
  • Kaga Jibuni (limited to October to April) 2,200yen
  • Steamed lotus 1,650yen
  • Assorted tempura 1,980yen
  • Raw sweet shrimp sashimi 2,000yen
  • Abalone 150g~200g (steak or sashimi) 8,800yen
  • Assorted sashimi (example of 2 servings) 3,800yen
  • Assorted fruit (example of 2 servings) 1,500yen
  • A bowl of live snow crab with tag
    (limited from November to March)
  • One cup of live snow crab without tag
    (limited from November to March)
  • Kobako crab female
    (limited from November 10th to December 21st)
  • First meal meal 2,750yen

*The above prices are for one person and all prices include tax.

*You can choose how to cook the crab: steamed, grilled, sashimi, etc.


The large windows in the dining room offer a panoramic view of Shibayamagata in the morning. For a refreshing start to the day, Morimoto is particular about the traditional Japanese inn breakfast (asage), which is not buffet-style. A well-balanced Japanese set meal that is hand-prepared one by one using carefully selected ingredients, such as miso soup made in a small pot that stays piping hot until the end, seasonal grilled fish and vegetables, and hot spring eggs. I’m going to go.

Regarding allergies

At Morimoto, we strive to remove allergens as much as possible so that even customers with food allergies can enjoy our meals . However, please note that we cannot guarantee that allergens will be removed.

If you have any allergies, please let us know at the time of reservation, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
We may not be able to accommodate last-minute reservations.

The food is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items. In addition, since we use the same cooking utensils and cleaning equipment as other menu items,
there is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the cooking process.

Seasonings that are essential to Japanese cuisine, such as soy sauce, miso, and dashi soup, can be difficult to eliminate as allergic ingredients.
Thank you for your understanding.

[About likes and dislikes] We consider the ingredients we use every day and create menus with balance in mind.
We apologize, but we are unable to accommodate individual preferences. Please note.